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Motor Medicals are the place to go if you are looking for cheap medical care in the UK. There are numerous clinics, hospitals and medical practices in the UK; although many of these locations do not have the best reputation. However, if it comes to getting treatment from a reputable medical practice, Motor Medicals can offer some of the lowest prices in the UK.

Motor Medical care starts from a starting price of just ¬£47. Motor records are automatically sent to you by email as soon as you book. All you have to do is arrange an appointment with our highly trained doctors and give your details to one of our friendly technicians. You will receive a return call from our licensed medical technicians two working days later to arrange your appointment.””

Driving a car is not a walk in the park. There are difficult parts to this job like being a safe driver and having excellent lane discretion. Drivers must also be able to juggle the demands of their day job responsibilities and driving responsibilities at one time. I am going to share some things that can help assist you with understanding the driving environment better and being more aware of the hazards ahead of you.

Being a driver is a dangerous job, as the vast majority of road fatalities and serious injuries involve motor vehicles. Motor vehicles are involved in 10-15% of all road accidents in Great Britain, with pedestrians and cyclists making up the majority of victims. The reason for vehicle fouling is due to a varied combination of factors including: drowsiness, fatigue, drink and drug abuse, concentration and sun exposure.  Being a driver requires much more than driving ability and driving skills. To be able to drive safely, you need to know how to drive safely and minimum criteria in order to be granted a license in the UK.

Motor vehicle operating licenses in UK are issued by the Home Office under the authority of the Driver and Vehicle Records Act 1994. By law, every driver in the UK must hold a valid driver’s license. This guide aims to help you obtain a driver’s license for your UK motor vehicle. It outlines the requirements for obtaining a license, school admission requirements for learners, alternative methods of obtaining a license, review of commonly asked questions (Q&A) on the regulation of driver licensing in the UK, and handing in of applications and proof of identity.

Meet your GMC registered doctor for the inspection and annual services of your vehicle. Submission for permanent insurance cover by vehicle owner. Get your Certificate of Approval from Transport Accident Investigation Committee before you leave home.

Send the entire medical form to Motor Medical Services of Perth for review. Make a copy! Take away your completed medical assessment form, fax it back to us and send it back with any other information requested. We’ll contact you shortly with instructions and instructions of how to proceed